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Bine's Playroom

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A bit about me:

I'm a big David Hewlett fan and love SGA among many other TV shows. :-)

A long time ago a friend hooked me with The Professionals. After that I found The Sentinel, Stargate & Buffy/Angel -- and I still enjoy the older shows and fandoms as much as the new stuff and mostly read slash fanfiction. My 'main squeeze' at the moment is Stargate Atlantis, which I prefer to SG-1.

Bookwise, I like to read crime stories, thriller and I love the first 4 Harry Potter books.

As for Music I like almost anything that takes my fancy, from classic to hard-rock and soundtracks.

The BBC Jane Austen movies/mini-series are just wonderful and I've watched them lots of times and I've always had a soft spot for Ray Harrihausen's animated classic monsters/animals and even own a book about it. :-D
Thriller, Action, SF and Comedy -- if it's not totally daft or primitive I'll give it a chance.

Other hobbies I never have enough time for ;-) are stiching, painting, drawing and other handicraft. BTW: I also still write letters the old fashion way. ;-)

The next part is borrowed from my wonderful friend Reulann, who said it so well -- I couldn't say it better:
Although I am not gay myself, I have friends who are, and I take offense when people try to preach to me about religion telling us that this is wrong and that those ‘sinners’ will burn in hell and so forth. If you are such a person, or if you are under the age of consent in the country you live in, you should go somewhere else, because this journal will contain a lot of things -- mostly stories or mention of same -- that deal with same sex relationships. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.

That said, I always enjoy meeting people who have a sense of humor and share at least some of my likes or dislikes...or want to talk, share stories or pictures of my favorite fandom.